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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  May 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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beenhot in east baltimore, including a child. we are live at the activehe scene. what more can you tell us? >> all three of the victims were shot in the leg and are recovering in the hospital. good news is that they are expected to be ok. this is still a very active seen. the gunshots were fired at 9:30 this afternoon. it is memorial day and a lot of people were wrapping up their cookouts and barbecues. when they heard the gunshots, they thought it was firecrackers. when they came outside, they thought -- they realized it was a shooting. all of them were shot in the leg and are expected to be ok. police are trying to figure out who the intended target was. they do not think it was the 10- year-old. they think he might have been at the wrong place at the wrong time for it they do not have information on the suspects. they are asking anyone with
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information to give the city police department a call. that is the latest from east baltimore. >> a howard county man is dead after he was hit by a drunk driver early this morning. 22-year-old matthew cheswick was trying to cross coastal highway when he was hit. the driver had been speeding and did not stop after hitting cheswick. witnesses followed his car and did not stop until police arrived to make an arrest. the man was pronounced dead at at the hospital and neighbors are saddened by the news. >> hopefully, his family and friends are comforting him at this time. it is a loss that is difficult to overcome. >> police have charged a 30- year-old with homicide by vehicle while intoxicated and other offenses. it has been a bit -- a busy weekend for emergency responders on the water. a 21-year-old swimmer remains
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missing tonight. the u.s. coast guard called off the search earlier today. he had been voting with friends in kent county. he jumped into the water for a swim and did not resurface. in a separate incident, a voting crashed killed one person and her to others. a 21-foot pleasure boat struck a concrete jetty. a team found the body of david witlow near the crash site. the crew used high-tech equipment to locate him. >> the sonar units, 10 years ago, we would dive and dive. now, with technology, we can narrow it down. it is a huge help. >> an autopsy will determine the a zack cause of his death. other people suffered injuries and are taken to shock trauma.
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detectives investigating a stabbing in west baltimore around 3:30 this afternoon. a man and woman were stabbed in -- near west saratoga street 3 both were taken to the hospital. the extent of their injuries is unclear at this time. no word on what prompted the crime. no word on the condition of a man shot in baltimore county just before 3:00. police tell us the man was taken to johns hopkins bayview for treatment. the gunman remains at large. baltimore county police are searching for two suspects who broke into a home and shot and stabbed to people inside. it happened sunday morning. police believe the intruders entered through the back of the home and that there was a confrontation before the attacks. neighbors say situations like these are rare in the area. now to an 11 news update. last week, we told you about area teenagers using common
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household items to cook up explosive concoctions and detonating them. police are searching for one who detonated one. a man picked up the contraption just before it went off. >> the suspect placed two of the explosives outside the man's home. he does not want to be identified but he wants to warn other people of the dangers of the makeshift bombs. >> i noticed a plastic bottle sitting on the driveway. >> the son of a car door slamming outside of his home sent this man outside to investigate. he saw a person running to a car in his driveway and a contraption made up of liter bottles. >> as i reached down to feel it, it was warm. that is when i knew that something was wrong. as soon as i turned away, it
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exploded. >> fortunately, he was not injured. the baltimore county police bomb squad confirmed it is what is known as a dran-o bomb. >> you can see the blue cap. >> bottle bombs are homemade concoctions created by mixing household ingredients to detonate plastic bottles. internet videos featuring kids showed just how easily the bombs are made. the combination of chemicals causes a gas buildup that eventually leads to an explosion. baltimore county police have investigated at least four previous cases this year. >> you can lose your air -- lose your eyesight, that facial burns. just think. we have a 9 or 10-year-old kid in the neighborhood who picks up a soda bottle and does not know what it is, it is detrimental. >> he described the suspect as a teenager and said there was at least one other person in the car. anyone with information is asked to call baltimore county police.
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>> is certainly felt like summer today as we unofficially began the season this weekend. many people were not ready to tackle the extreme heat just yet. >> the humidity is terrible for breathing problems. >> and a heat advisory was put into place today mean temperatures were in the '90s. some people chose to stay indoors. many braved the heat to take advantage of the beautiful sunshine for a >> i have a new umbrella, bottles of water, sun glasses, bug repellent, and a good attitude. it is a beautiful day. why not? >> according to the national borders -- the national weather service, it is important to drink plenty of fluids and limit your outdoor exercise. the remnants of tropical storm beryl washed out memorial day plans along the southern coastline. lifeguards were busy rescuing more than 160 people from
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danger. roughly 40,000 customers lost power while streets flooded and trees were uprooted. tom tasselmyer will join us later with a look at how the storm could affect our weather in the coming days. this afternoon, the loyola town's one their first-ever men's lacrosse chevy jet after defeating the maryland turks 9- 3. what makes it even sweeter, oil was not even ranked at the start of the season. we are here with a look at the all-maryland final. >> the only maryland aspect missing was that they did not play in maryland. not getting noticed in the preseason definitely motivated loyal lot this season and this afternoon. you cannot miss the greyhounds noun. number one gets noticed. the coach kept his focus and as the tension and pressure built, loyola that the challenge every step of the way.
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there is the goal in the first quarter. 5-3 lead at halftime. phil dawson's striking from the right. eric lusby, capt. in the sensational tournament, most outstanding player in the tournament. only the second time loyal lot has made it to the finals. second year in a row for the turks. but the day be lost to the greyhounds. the only thing that could have made it a better is if they played the final in maryland. it would have had 60,000 people instead of 30,000. >> they were not ranked at the beginning of the season. were they and the surprise team? >> i think they were a surprise in that people look at some of their younger players and did not realize how quickly they would develop. in sports, you never predict how players will jell as a team.
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everyone missed the boat on that one. >> they are obviously very, very good curry >> one goal away from a perfect season. they lost to johns hopkins at over -- in overtime at home. other than that, it would have been a perfect season. couldight's crab bowl bode well for this weekend. the three-day event typically attracts thousands of spectators. the gathering is the largest use lacrosse tournament in the country and gives athletes a chance to play one last time before the season wraps up. 49 fields will be used during the course of that event. ♪ and all across the greater baltimore region, it was time to take a moment and honor and remember those military men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. this is one such event at shamrock park.
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around 10:30, each branch of the armed forces pay tribute to troops killed in all of the wars. since memorial day was first observed, 600,000 servicemen and women have died in war. meanwhile, the senator has been reflecting on the holiday with some local vietnam veterans. he stopped by for a memorial day reception, meeting, and greeting. today is the 50th anniversary of the vietnam war. one of the biggest memorial day observances took place at the lady valley memorial gardens. a plaque was presented family members of those marylanders who died in the line of duty last year. >> it means a lot to us. it is important. we want to remember our father and everything he did for us. not just him, but all other
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soldiers and military members who have given their life for our country. >> as she does every year, ginnie walden donned a civil war era dress and placed a flower on the circle of immortals. you can log on to our web site to honor the military heroes in your lives. we also think of those who sacrificed. honor a veteran or service member that you know and share your coat -- share your photos. the stars and stripes covers the american plan straight -- the stars and stripes peppered the american landscape today. plus, from running from defenses to running up a tab. and i-popping admission through a court filing. with london calling, michael phelps is cranking up the intensity in the pool. why he thinks he will be ready for the olympics.
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>> keeping an eye on a cold front moving our way from the midwest. and trouble storm beryl to the south. we will see how that impacts the we will see how that impacts the weather. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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>> president obama joined americans in honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice this memorial day. he marked the 50th anniversary of vietnam at the memorial in washington. he called the fact that vietnam vets were criticized a national shame. he took part in the traditional laying of a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. he pledged that he will take care of military members and their families, especially when
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they return to the home front. >> as long as i am president, we will make sure you and your loved ones receive the benefits you ever earned and the respect you deserve. >> the president assured americans that the conflict in the middle east is winding down. meanwhile, in san diego, mitt romney honored veterans. he spoke to a crowd of more than 5000, promising the u.s. will have the world's strongest military. >> we choose that course for america not so that we win wars, but so we can prevent wars. a strong america is the best deterrent to war that has ever been invented. >> the former massachusetts governor's speech comes one day after he is its -- before he is expected to clinch the republican nomination for president. he is just six delegates shy. a total of 152 delegates are up for grabs in tomorrows texas
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primary. same-sex marriage opponents and maryland are gaining momentum in the race to trigger a referendum. the maryland marriage alliance is planning to hand in its first batch of petitions to the board of elections tomorrow. that is a couple of days ahead of schedule. they are aiming to gather 150,000 signatures by the end of june. this comes as a new public policy poll shows that half of voters would vote to uphold the same-sex marriage law if it makes the referendum. the ravens all-time leading rusher routinely busted through defenses. now he is having trouble breaking free from debt. a sad but not uncommon story in the nfl. the former star has reaped -- has filed for bankruptcy protection. the report listed lewis as owning five homes, and he is one of several former players suing the league because of
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concussions. the u.s. soccer team will face brazil at the fedex field as a final tuneup before world cup qualifying. team usa cruised past scotland 5-1. soccer is also catching on it in estonia. the country hosted its premier championship in car soccer. instead of dribbling a ball with your feet, your stick shift skills are put to the test. close to soccer, except for that minor detail. they are hoping more people get a kick out of this version and it will become internationally possible. >> a lot of old junkers in that game. >> i wonder what the ball is made out of? >> it has got to be pretty tough. >> i would think so. >> duct tape.
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>> 93 degrees at the airport. we did not even break a record. a few degrees out of reach. i will show you that in a second. we were not alone with this memorial day heat. look to the north. new york city at 90. syracuse at 91. northern michigan around 90 degrees. 95 in detroit and chicago. 94 in st. louis. all around, sweltering under some summer-like heat. a record high for the day officially measured at 97. that goes back to 1941. that record will last one more year as we fell short of it by 4 degrees. downtown baltimore did manage to hit 98. that is no longer the official reading for this region. some storms did pop up in the mountains to the west. they faded after sunset and it will be mostly clear for the rest of the night. temperatures will not cool much now -- will not fool much at
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all. still in the '80s are around baltimore. all the way back to hagerstown, 82 at college park. some of the cooler northern suburbs may reach the upper-'60s, but most regions will stay in the '70s. things will change once this front gets through. winter storm warnings in great falls, montana. about 5 inches of snow in the past couple of days in the western montana mountains. that cool air will slowly work its way east. tomorrow, another hot day. the front that will be approaching will trigger some storms that will take the remnants of was one -- of what was once a tropical storm beryl out to sea. at that front makes its way off the coast, beryl, which made its way back into north florida, that storm system will be kicked to the north and east over the
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outer banks on wednesday, and out to sea on thursday. that will bring us some seek relief eventually. tomorrow, another hot and steamy day. off the coast, a couple of lingering showers and may be an isolated thunderstorm wednesday before we get into some really nice sunny, cooler, less humid weather. hang in there. relief is coming. southwest winds at 8-15 miles per hour. waves of 1-2 feet. western maryland, thunderstorms on tuesday and cooler on wednesday. temperatures will start backing off midweek. down at the coast, a beautiful memorial day weekend. scattered showers and storms for the next couple of days. still 90 tomorrow, copper-'80s wednesday, and a little bit cooler on thursday with another batch of rain coming in late friday into saturday.
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>> for center fielder adam jones, the memorable memorial day weekend continues to produce big numbers. that is next in sports. >> with the maryland lottery. tonight's jackpot has an estimated annuity of $800,000. you're winning numbers for this monday, may 28 are 8, 39, 41, 24, 23, and 26. 8, 39, 41, 24, 23, 26. if no one matches all six numbers, the jackpot climbs to $825,000. the next drawing is thursday
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♪ i can take you higher what this is, forgot? ♪ ♪ i must now remind you let it rock, let it rock ♪ ♪ let it rock ♪ this time
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>> now, 11 sports with gerry sandusky. >> when maryland scored its third goal, the turks had a 3-2 lead. loyola never let marilyn score again. a 9-3 win over maryland. second year in a row the turks made it to the finals. -- the terps made it to the finals. kevin cooper finding the back of the net. late second quarter, mike sawyer comes up striking from the right, fires to the left corner. the hounds had a 5-3 lead at halftime. eric lusby lit up the net with a left-handed rocket. it is lusby again on the open net. his fourth goal.
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lusby set a new record. 17th goal of the tournament, the most ever in an n.c.a.a. lacrosse tournament. he takes the most outstanding player award. loyola takes its first national title over the terps. >> so many things going through my mind right now. there are so many people that have gotten us to where we are today. guys like dr. bagley, this is for them, for our alumni, for our aleut -- for our university. they were great all year. >> we were able to sit down every week, learned our matchups, stick to it, and win every match up, support each other as a unit. we did that game in and game out. we stuck to our game plan every single week. >> and emotional day in foxpro for the greyhounds.
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the o's ould onto their share of the american league east tonight, but not because of their own doing. cal lost tonight, keeping them even with the o's. markakis grounds out to the pitcher to end the orioles half of the inning. bottom of the third, toronto does not miss. encaracion, gone. one inning later, kelly johnson to ease off on tommy hunter. 6-0 jays before you knew it. adam chose extended his hitting streak to 19 games in a row. that is the hottest thing the o's had going. coming up short against the blue jays. opening ceremonies of the summer olympics take place in less than two months. a lot with a lot of crazy dancing and costumes that no one
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really understands, it will signal the beginning of the and for michael phelps. he will almost certainly make london his last the olympics and he wants to go out in top form. he captured a record eight gold medals for years ago in beijing. he has increased the intensity of his workouts over the past month and hopes that along with the pageantry and pressure of the games, it can still bring out the best in him in london. >> it is something that fires me up more than anything, being able to have the opportunity to where the stars and stripes. and go out and represent your country. it is something that is one of the most amazing things that i have been able to do. >> 59 days and counting until the summer games get under way. if you will see it right here on ♪
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>> we want to quickly update you on the breaking news at the top of the show. we are told that three people have been shot in the 2300 block of east hoffman street in east baltimore. this is video from the scene that just came into our newsroom. two adults were shot, 129 years old and the other aged 28, and a 10-year-old child was also caught in the crossfire. all three were shot in the leg and taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. police who were reviewing the targets believe the child was in
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the wrong place at the wrong time. >> we believe the 10-year-old was the victim of an accidental shooting, not the intended target. nonetheless, a 10-year-old has been injured as a result. detectives are looking to find the suspects and bring them to justice. >> we will have more on that story tomorrow. >> hot stuff still. one more day. >> the front will bring some showers and storms tomorrow night. cooler and less humid thursday. another rainstorm coming our way friday night into saturday. right now, the best day of the weekend will be on sunday. >> not bad. a nice memorial day. i enjoyed it very much. that is all for 11 news tonight. the tonight show with jay leno is next. we will see you back here toou
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